Kevin Passey
I watched: Farscape Seasons 1-4 brilliant if you like SciFi
Kevin Passey: and if you want to watch the finale look for peacekeeper wars 1 & 2 on youtube
I watched: Enemy Of The State - it's all coming true
Kevin Passey: Person of Interest is similar..
Haye has been told his boxing is over after a shoulder rebuild in germany - as saw somewhere
Kevin Passey: it would be good if you could edit your posts - I saw a typo in my last one about Haye - is that possible?
Kevin: It's not possible to edit a post, only to delete it and then re-post
Just discussing evening clinics at the Brompton - would you go?
Kevin: Sounds good in theory, what about infection control?
Kevin Passey: That's the whole reason for doing it - they are trying to implement a new infection control strategy because the day clinics are too busy - now they are being advised to leave an hour between patients in a room so that any airborne germs can dissipate - this is for M.abscessus..
Kevin: That sounds like a good idea. The more measures that are implemented to control cross infection, the better.