I will be releasing some updates soon to improve this site
Hi Kev like the new look of CF lounge, are there many people chatting?
Hope you have good weekend
well done on this place - looks like it could take off
just read about your flat tyre what a pig that must of been
Hi love what you up to? thought i would check the lounge out, there are
quite a few new people. Need to get everyone talking to each other, CFfood was born 2013? only 11 mths old then Lol
Kevin: There are lots of new people, nearly 100 members I will be sending out an email soon notifying everyone as to the new changes and ways to connect. I'm also adding a map page so then users can see where other users are located in the world.
I met Tyson Fury today, great boxer, can't wait until the Fury/Haye showdown!
Just got home, flat Tyre and flat spare. 3hr wait for AA. Roll on the weekend
cffood: oh dear thats not good.
Very tired after a very heavy day..... ZzZzZzZzZz