sorry i have been offline for a while.... my wedding went fantastic and honeymoon was amazing nice hot weather.. but we have just brought a house and internet has finally been set up..
Your last day/night of freedom!
could it be the the stress from the wedding knwoing its only 9 days away? and also i have had a great letter today me and my wife to be have got our appointment for fertility which is week after we get back of our honeymoon.
Kevin: Sounds like very exciting times ahead.
Cant sleep, went to bed about 8ish as I felt tired. But I went back down stiars an hour later and its just turned 1am and am still wide awake.
Not much sleep again. Just so excited for my wedding day in 11 days. Really need to crack on with my speech now
cffood: getting married on the 23rd nov
Kevin: wow congrats! You'll have to upload your wedding pics! When it comes to the wedding speech, don't cheat like i did (google) - hope the wife doesn't notice this :P
cffood: Haha I had some help as am not the best at writing speeches or even standing up in front of people but the father in law to be has checked it and said its good. And I will defo upload some It might not be until after the honeymoon though.

Thought I would just say hi to the CF lounge

Hope everyone is well..