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Been a while since I updated the website - how is everyone finding it?
Hi! I'm a parent of a teen with CF. A lot of the posts are quite old, is this group still active? If so, hello!
jj4813: Hi
Kevin: Hi jams, how are you finding CFlounge so far?
Hi everyone. Who's made any new years resolutions?
Hi everyone. I was wondering what people think about the current system of nebulizer cleaning - i.e washing the nebulizers in the dishwasher or by hand, and then sanitizing via a baby bottle steam sanitizer. Is there room for an improved product e.g. combined dishwasher and autoclave, or just a small portable dishwasher that got a lot hotter? I find the whole process clunky and time wasting, and was thinking of trying to develop something better, e.g. via or kickstarter. Thanks.
Kevin: Hi Ladybug, This has always been an issue. You can get dishwashers that clean with steam also. How long does this process currently take you and how often?
Kevin: Hi Amy, Welcome to CFLounge. Please note: this site is for chatting, socialising. It's not for advertising items for sale. Thank you.
Hey everyone! Hope you're enjoying your day!
Kevin: Hi Cary, welcome to CFLounge
The biggest design of this A-line princess dress is the scalloped shape asymmetrical hemline. The elegant junior bridesmaid dress is adorned with beautifully beaded sweetheart neckline, with spaghetti straps, making this image glamorous and scintillating. It is moderate foe all seasons except for winter.
Hi everyone, how is everyone finding the site?
Hey all. My name is Alba. New to this site. Hope you all are having a good day.
Hey, I'm Denis. I just joined, I'm 28, I have CF and I'm from Ireland.
Hi everyone! I'm Jane, mom to 2 sons with CF (almost 23 and almost 19). We live in Massachusetts.
popsey: Hi Jane, I live in the UK and my little girl is 20 months. I am at the start of my journey in the CF world. When were your boys diagnosed? And how has their health been and how is it now ?x
jane: Hi, my sons were diagnosed at birth. Their health has been complicated since they contracted a mycobacterium 10 years ago. My older son is doing quite well but my younger son is having a very rough time. How is your daughters health been?
popsey: I'm sorry to hear your boy is having a rough time. It has been ok for us generally, although she has been on and off antibiotics since July last year and she had her first admission last October but her weight and appetite is good thankfully! x
I built a new web app. It's geared towards boxers - test the power of your punch, I'm currently 5th on world scoreboard
CF and MRSA Clinical Trial Now Enrolling:
Kevin: Hi Miranda. There's a minor bug I need to fix at the weekend. Until then all links need http:// in front of them, for example
Hi! My name is Meranda. I am 30 wCF, CFRD and enjoy chatting others wCF. I see several familiar faces here!
Nicki B: Hi Meranda. Glad you have joined us
Howdy all! Just joined here my name is Jesse I'm 31 years old with CF, and live in Ohio. I look forward to meeting some new CFers Being the outstanding group of people that we are.
Meranda Sue: Hi Jesse! Glad to see a familiar face.
Hi, y'all. Joan from Texas here. 59-yrs-old with cf.
Just spoken to the powers at the RBH looks like they've made great progress on the Bed waiting times..
I'd like to welcome all new members to CFLounge. A great place to chat and hang out. Feel free to add me. I'll be online around 8pm this eve (uk time)
Hi to everyone who is new - Kev you've and a bit of a rush on newbies!!!
Kevin Passey: my typing is rubbish
Hey! 19, almost 20, with CF from NY, live in VA
Hi everyone! My 3yr old son, Parker, has CF. DX'ed at 3wks old. We live in Lower Central MI
Hi everyone! Just joined tonight. My 16 week old baby boy has cf. No one in either of our families was aware we carried so a big shock to us all. We live in Manchester UK. Hope everyone is doing well xxxx
popsey: Hello Georgie, welcome to the group. I joined a little while ago but have only just gotten around to posting. My little girl is 20 months, she was diagnosed via her newborn screening at 4 weeks. How have things been for you?