What is CFlounge?
CFlounge is a social network geared towards those who are affected by CF, directly or indirectly. This is a social platform to hang out, make new friends and socialise with like minded individuals. The biggest advantage of CFlounge is that it gives users the ability to socialise with other people but without the risks associated with cross infection. CF gatherings and social events used to be hugely popular years ago but due to medical knowledge these were discontinued. The desire to socialise with individuals in the same situation is still very much present but no solution has been created, until now.

How did CFlounge begin?
I had the idea to create CFlounge one day when I realised the dilemma we all face. I have CF and was diagnosed at birth. I work as a software engineer and really liked the idea of setting up CFlounge as I feel passionate about helping out other individuals with CF to socialise with each other.

The more the merrier!
If we all make an effort to share a link to this site then the member numbers will increase and it will become a fun vibrant community.